is a self-retaining lacrimal stent for Common Canaliculus Obstruction (CCO) and
Nasolacrimal Duct Obstruction (NLDO),
with enhanced flexibility and hydrophilic coating for doctor ease and patient comfort.

LACRIFLOW CL can help doctors treat Nasolacrimal Duct Obstruction (NLDO).
Kaneka can provide doctors with technical supports including introductory education.

Product Design And Material

The Superior balance of toughness and flexibility

Composite of PU ( Polyurethane ) and SIBS ( Styrene-Isobutylene-Styrene )

Hydrophilic coating

Hydrophilic coating is applied to reduce friction for smooth insertion through lacrimal system.

MATERIAL: Composite of PU ( Polyurethane ) and SIBS*2
  • The superior balance of flexibility and toughness
  • *2 SIBS: Styrene-Isobutylene-Styrene block copolymer
  • Original hydrophilic coating is applied to enhance insertability
  • The shape of the tips of the lacrimal duct tube was designed in pointed-end.
  • The ring of conventional products did not have to pay attention about practice of the inspection of the MRI by removing it.
  • Blue markings on the surface at 10mm and 15mm indicate the depth of insertion, bony contact at the lacrimal sac wall can be detected between them.
  • 3 Markings on the bougie indicate relative position of the LACRIFLOW CL, convenient for the "Loose Tip Technique"
  • Arrow of Center Marking points the blue tip direction, useful in adjusting position under nasal endoscopy observation

Product Specification

Ordering Information

Type Catalogue Number Specification Package
LACRIFLOW CL (Standard type) LF-CL105A [OD] 1.0mm 2 sets/box
[Length] 105mm
Attached : Bougie
LACRIFLOW CL (Short type) LF-CL090A [OD] 1.0mm 2 sets/box
[Length] 90mm
Attached : Bougie

LACRIFLOW CL Specification

Type Tube Diameter Rod Diameter Effective Length Tube Length Opening for insertion
LACRIFLOW CL (Standard type) 1.0(inner0.5) 0.7 105 40 30
LACRIFLOW CL (Short type) 90 32.5 24

Material:PU and SIBS.

Bougie(attached) Specifications

Type Diameter Effective Length Distal Marking Location
LACRIFLOW CL (Standard type) 0.5 55 30
LACRIFLOW CL (Short type) 24

Material: Stainless steel. Polypropylene (Handle)

Instructions for Use

The LACRIFLOW CL is indicated in treatments of epiphora in patients 12 months and older, in cases of:
- Canalicular pathologies (stenosis, obstruction, lacerations),
- During Dacryocystorhinostomy (conventional or laser),
- Congenital nasolacrimal duct obstruction

*The LACRIFLOW CL is cleared by FDA under a 510(K) # K170247

Instructions for Use